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Contract processing

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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  1. The Institute trains the host to earn a living, develop diligent habits, and cultivate physical and mental health so that it can adapt to social life after leaving the office. The commissioning of the contractor to commission the processing operations.
  2. Second, the advantages of entrusting the firm are as follows:
    1. The location of the office is located at No. 33, Qingyun Road, Tucheng City, Taipei County. It is conveniently located. It is about 5 minutes drive from the north and the second high. It is close to Banqiao City, Zhongyong, Yonghe and Taipei City.
    2. The management of the Institute is rigorous and safe. The custodians are very enthusiastic in their work. They all choose healthy and strong people to participate in the homework. And the staff is sufficient. No other troubles.
    3. The quality control of the firm is strict.
    4. The company's inbound and outbound handling personnel are readily available. Manufacturers can save manpower without the need for additional personnel handling.
  3. he Exchange handles the operations of the host in accordance with the law. Sincerely look forward to your company's participation and cooperation. I also hope that your company's support and enlightenment, please provide the opportunity for the service of the Institute, to the hospital's host people full of love and acceptance, so that the society is more peaceful.
  4. Manufacturers applying for processing services can use the E-mail contact of the Guardian Division.

Email :    sldc@mail.moj.gov.tw

Tel : 02-22748872

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