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Correctional Management

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Coaching activities
Correctional Management

With defendants as objects detained, the Taipei Women's Detention Center with the women's branch prison and the rehab center comprise defendant/inmate workshops as well as rehab guidance rooms available in daytime and wards available at nights based on categories of defendants/inmates which are accommodated in four blocks, "Quiet", "Good", "Honest" and "Pretty", on different floors separately. In addition to regular schedules for work and rest, the additional sports and recreational activities such as karaoke are arranged by the Taipei Women's Detention Center. For physical and mental health of inmates during group lives in sultry summer, the summer clothing for prisoners to wear has changed to moisture-absorbed ventilative colorful polo shirts. The management policy based on the principle of "liberal living care & serious disciplinary demand" and the management art of "unity of management and service" emphasizes in perseverance, love and patience for self-confidence, self-respect and law-abiding sentiment developed by inmates in order to correct their mistakes and guide them back to the society.

For inmates' any unexpected situations in wards controlled and handled by jailers or administrators immediately, the up-to-date indicator & information system as tools to assist rehab services has been planned and installed in wards. With any emergence button pressed by one inmate in a ward, the one-to-one communication or the one-to-many broadcasting can be fast and conveniently established by the operator in front of the center console forthwith without much time or effort wasted. The multifunctional display system is advantageous to indicating not only a ward number corresponding to any emergent accident but also time regularly.

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