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Skill Training - Calligraphy

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Skill Training - Calligraphy



Art by, good things also. It can purify the human mind, to enhance the level of spiritual life, and thus cultivate human nature, of the violent and rare set up for the traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, art classes and other backing, hopes the inmates nurtured by art, into the artistic atmosphere, thereby repent up for social life.

As artistic soul, when "art" scene to deeply implanted in the mind, it will be "people" life "Metamorphosis," the art of beautifying effect not only enrich their lives, the United States played a more harmonized and soften its target correction changes in energy, looking forward to the establishment by art classes, so that the public understand our soul in prison reform efforts and willing to practical action, and more to care for our inmates, active within the walls of vitality, so Arts phenomena, forever Hengchun.

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