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Skill Training - Baking

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Skill Training - Baking



To help inmates improve themselves , an early and successful return of social life , and can promote and popularize baking techniques , training bakery cakes are interested in making the inmates , so that they not only learn the technical system of cake baking , cake baking can also enjoy the system the fun and enrich their cultural life , Invitational , purify the human mind , improve levels of spiritual life , and thus cultivate people's temperament , for the good of violent , Bing this philosophy, the TC are actively promoting the establishment of diverse skills , expectations in it closed the prison solemn space , into the rise of the fountain , nurtured by more deeply implanted in the skills inmates temperament , heir and repent up for social life .

With the baking skills training to enable the use of the inmates at the time of baking skills training for their interest , and then learn a skill , and the opportunity to make use of the self-employed to hone baking practical experience , excellence , through skills training and self-employed with each other , not only to enhance its labor income , but also by the introduction of technology trainer baking technology with social trends , look forward to every person out of the asylum , the more likely to find themselves the social value of an early and successful return to society life .

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