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Business Introduction

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Business Introduction

Secretary Office–

Overall review of document drafts; assist Chief Director in handling all affairs in the Center.

Security Section

1. Responsible for the security management of the Center and its detainees.

2. Handles the regular training and duty distribution to administrators.

3. Handles the distribution of preservation of detainee’s diet, clothing, bed utensils and other daily life utensils.

4. Executes hygiene and cleaning affairs.

5. Handles the visitation and remote visitation applications from detainee’s relatives; checks detainee’s mail sent in/out and articles sent into the Center.

6. Executes rewards/punishments to detainees in the Center.

7. Handles the conduction counsel, recreation activities and living management of detainees.

8. Handles the operation of client-assigned production work.

9. Guards detainees to go home from the Center.

10. Handles the job-attending and other after-case work to detainees.

11. Other related detention items.

General Affairs Section

1. Handles the in/out of administration documents in a wide variety, as well as civilian application cases.

2. Handles the detention unit changing and outer-service detention applications from detainees.

3. Deposits the abstention and detainee’s outer medical care costs.

4. Handles building repair and procurement operation.

5. Handles the report-in and send-out administration of detainees.

6. Prepares for detainee’s identity, mug shot and fingerprint data collection work.

7. Preserves and returns back detainee’s cash and personal articles.

8. Procures, manages, preserves, counts and reports detainee’s staple and non-staple foods.

9. Manages the communication neighborly acts and parking lot.

10. Manages, dispatches and assigns duty-use vehicles.

11. Manages detainees returning back home to attend relative’s funerals.

12. Handles the operation of letting judiciary authorities interrogate the Center’s detainees.

13. Handles work not belonging to any other Section in the Center.

Health & Hygiene Section

1. Performs the health plan and manages its facility in the Center and respective instruction items.

2. Performs contagious disease outbreak prevention work.

3. Performs detainee’s health inspection tasks.

4. Performs detainee’s medical care work.

5. Manages detention cells’ hygiene work.

6. Makes up and stores medicines and manages medical apparatuses.

7. Prevents medicine abuse and conducts relevant counselling.

8. Reports detainee’s illness or death.

9. Handles other health-care-related work.

Personnel Office

1. Operates the organization plan, overall personnel regulations and other related work.

2. Operates the tests, position distribution, appointing & removing and personal transfer administration work and other related work.

3. Operates the personnel grading, rewards & punishments, service, training, and study administration work and other related work.

4. Handles the payment, welfare, insurance, retirement and consolation administration work and other related work; manages the Center’s personal information.

Accounting Office

1. Carries out the Center’s overall accounting business.

2. Makes the required rough estimations, budgets and final accounts.

3. Makes accounting credits, books and reports.

4. Handles other related accounting affairs and interior review process.

Statistics Office

1. Handles the Center’s overall statistical work.

2. Performs the monthly & annual official statistical reports on defendants, abstention objectives and prisoners.

3. Executes the other work asked for by the superior authorities.

4. Performs the Center’s information work part-time.

Civil Service Ethics Office

1. Drafts and popularizes the Center’s anti-corruption regulations.

2. Prevents and discovers any corruption affairs made by the Center’s employee(s); and undertakes the corruption reports.

3. Makes suggestions about the civil ethics upgrading matters on this Center.

4. Makes suggestions about the Center’s ethical grading and rewards/punishments practice.

5. Maintains the Center’s official secrets.

6. Prevents hazardous or destructive events; enforces the regulations of public office asset declaration obligations.

7. Carries out other relevant corruption-proof work.

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