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Skill Training - Floral

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Skill Training - Floral



To help inmates express the beauty of human nature, Invitational, improve ourselves, to create learning value, certainly social role functioning. With floral art activities, in order to play the purpose of art therapy to create life.
Use dried flowers material, such as dyeing processing blades, branches, paper or aluminum, etc. made ​​into ornaments, table decoration or mural, which allows inmates to learn to recognize colors, understanding color, apply the mix to stabilize the color emotional and beautify life. Guide production techniques and creative thinking to guide the direction of the inmates, after his release can be expected to continue to play a creative, and seek employment in the road. The inmates work at the right time, can also be exhibitions and charity, to show the inmates back to the community to play a charity repent up the heart. So that the community, group organizers to understand educational outcomes, and thus are willing to give their love together, and create a new rehabilitation journey.

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