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Who can apply for interview because of different subjects? What is the number of interviews?

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The recipient’s interview is as follows:

A. The object of the interview:

(1) Inmates: The interviewees are subject to the provisions of the Prison Execution Law and the Execution of Execution Regulations. [The inmates receive and receive letters, limited to the nearest relatives and their families. However, if there are special reasons, they may be allowed to receive and receive letters from other people.] [The fourth-level inmates are allowed to receive and receive letters from relatives. The prisoners above the third level are not allowed to be educated. Within the scope, they are allowed to meet with non-relatives and receive letters. Recently, relatives include spouses, direct blood relatives, three relatives, and other in-laws. The so-called family members are in accordance with the provisions of Article 1123 of the Civil Law. The first and third items of the Civil Code, Article 1,123: The same family, except the parents, are family members. Those who live together for the purpose of living together, not relatives, are considered family members.

(2) Defendant: According to the provisions of the custodial law and its implementation rules, one of the following circumstances may not be received:
1. Those who do not have an identity document.
2. Suspicious traces.
3. More than three people, and at the same time meet a defendant.
4. Alcohol or mentally ill.
Those who have not received the registration shall not substitute or accompany the registered person to the defendant.

(3) Observed persons who are subject to observation: According to the regulations of the enforcement regulations for observing the punishment, the interviewees are limited to immediate family members and spouses.

B. Number of interviews and restrictions:

(1) The sentenced person: according to its level: the first-level prisoner's principle is once a day; the second-level prisoner is once every 3 days; the third-level prisoner is once every 4 days; the fourth-level prisoner is Includes unclassified prisoners once a week.

(2) Defendant: It can be processed on the day of the interview, once a day.

(3) Observed people: direct relatives and spouses once a week.

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