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Notes on the handling procedure and operation schedule upon the public's complaints

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Civilian Services


Shihlin Detention Center:

Notes on complaint handling procedure and operation schedule

1. Purpose: alleviate the public’s discontent, clarify idea and boost the public and the private to realize each other.

2. Method of enforcement:

(1). Widely build opinion boxes in the Center; proclaim administration renovation box in the  room visitation  and welcome people to report illegal affairs and corruption. Announce the authority’s official phone numbers; accept the public’s complaint and establish the director’s email box, welcoming the public to send report in.

(2). Receive and transfer the public’s report: right after receiving any report from the public, the Center should start working on it and assign to related department responsible to handle it. Listen to the complaint phone call with patience and respond it gently; beware of phone call manner; if specific department in the Center is involved, transfer the call to the department responding it. Keep the basic information of the pleader while accepting the claim case made in oral or writing form.

(3). Basic essentials dealing with the public complaints:

(a)   If the authority can improve or help the complaint, the authority should properly support it within the acceptable scope of enactment. If the complaint has involved the national compensation case, follow the related code to deal with it.

(b)   For work deficiency made by the Center’s respective duty-taken member, hand it to the competent department making investigation on it.

(c)    For corruption case, transfer it to the Civil Service Ethics Office handling it.

(d)  If necessary, ask the complaint pleader to follow the pleading procedure defined in the pleading code to run the complaint.

(4). If there is any event or visitor encountered in the visitation room that is hard to deal with, report to the department chief and secretary immediately and apply for suitable responding measure; take pictures or audio/video recording to preserve evidence if required.

(5). Operation schedule

(a)   If staff member’s personal attitude has caused the civil complaint, the related department should engage to understand the actual status at once and handle it right away. The operation schedule is restricted to be done in the day that civil complaint arises.

(b)   If staff member’s ignorance has caused any loss of people rights in a minor status, the handling schedule is confined within three days.

(c)    If staff member integrity has ruined the authority’s public image, the authority should make prompt verifying process right after receiving the report from the public; and the handling schedule is within a week.

(d)   If people’s complaint is from the Center’s deliberate or ignored error and the status is severe, make deep investigation in response and the schedule should refer to the regulations defined in the pleading procedure.

   The above notes have contained comments made by all departments in this Center, and proclaimed for enforcement after the Center Director has approved them.


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