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Skill Training - Gardening

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  • Last updated:2022-06-22
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Skill Training - Gardening



"Lotus lofty and refined, plum tough proud and humble upright bamboo," the ancients who are often from a variety of flowers and plants, to their spiritual contemplation, inspired wisdom of life. Our response to the implementation of the newly amended Criminal Law, from the year 100, for the short term or drug offenders who apply for asylum "Herb Gardening" pot culture, hopes by aromatic herbs planted, observe and record the process of plant growth, training of inmates patience and careful, and thus realize the significance and value of life and growth, learning respect for life, caring nature and a positive charge, the positive attitude towards their own life, the life sentence for the long inject new hope.

Our first time in 100 years of indoctrination curriculum implementation. By planting process allows inmates to experience the meaning of life and growth, and learn skills related to gardening. Served with vanilla as the main theme, with vanilla aroma smell departure, green plants combine visual and other sensory experience to enhance enlightenment maximum efficiency.

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